Photo credit: Noah Darnell

I am a writer who lives and teaches in Arkansas.

Early posts in this blog chronicle trying to build a tiny cabin in rural Arkansas. Although the tiny cabin never quite came to be, I’m still trying to live simply and live better to help the earth.

I continue to blog about personal reflections on family, motherhood, and travel.

Please comment and share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences!

My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in ep;phany; Best New Poets 2018; Green Briar ReviewElder MountainCantos, Concho River ReviewSummerset Review, October HillThe Tishman ReviewThe FemTimberline Review2River View, Contemporary Verse 2Stonecoast ReviewGlassworksThe Main Street Rag, SixfoldSubtropics, Cellpoems, and Euphony Journal. I have a chapbook, Polishing Silver, as well as a full-length collection, Wading Through Lethe. A selection of 25 poems is also forthcoming in the anthology Wild Muse: Ozarks Nature Poetry.

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