“The poems in Wading Through Lethe are written with a light and delicate touch, evanescent with promise and uncertainty.”

–Sidney Wade, author of Deep Gossip

“These poems often hold waiting: for what we’re supposed to do, or say, or be; for who might come, or who or what might return. Guerin opens such moments with precision. A flower, a myth, a corner of the world is penetrated and voiced as what it is and more.”

–Angie Macri, author of Sunset Cue

My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in ep;phany; Best New Poets 2018; Green Briar ReviewElder MountainCantos, Concho River ReviewSummerset Review, October HillThe Tishman ReviewThe FemTimberline Review2River View, Contemporary Verse 2Stonecoast ReviewGlassworksThe Main Street Rag, SixfoldSubtropics, Cellpoems, and Euphony Journal. I also have a chapbook, Polishing Silver.