Wild Muse: Ozarks Nature Poetry

I am thrilled to have 25 poems included in this anthology, which was released December 11th. Copies are now available to preorder using the button below.

From Cornerpost Press

“Wild Muse is a collection of contemporary poetry engaging Ozarks nature and environment. Some topics and themes explored here are nature’s beauty, sense of place, loss of place, environmental diminishment, and human dependence on nature and its sublime indifference to our existence.”


“The poems in Wading Through Lethe are written with a light and delicate touch, evanescent with promise and uncertainty.”

–Sidney Wade, author of Deep Gossip

“These poems often hold waiting: for what we’re supposed to do, or say, or be; for who might come, or who or what might return. Guerin opens such moments with precision. A flower, a myth, a corner of the world is penetrated and voiced as what it is and more.”

–Angie Macri, author of Sunset Cue

My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in:

ep;phany; Best New Poets 2018; Green Briar ReviewElder MountainCantos, Concho River ReviewSummerset Review, October HillThe Tishman ReviewThe FemTimberline Review2River View, Contemporary Verse 2Stonecoast ReviewGlassworksThe Main Street Rag, SixfoldSubtropics, Cellpoems, and Euphony Journal. I also have a chapbook, Polishing Silver.