Outdoor Toilet

Friends have been curious about the logistics of building a cabin while not having access to water or electricity. Our power tools are battery-operated, and we charge them at our other home. But what about when we spend the night in our camper, which we don’t currently have a generator for, much less water hookups?

Our Coleman lantern serves us well.

Sometimes we shower at a friend’s.

But there’s one thing we didn’t want to live without: a toilet.

We had a broken chair that Chuck reinforced with boards. He borrowed a jigsaw and cut a hole for a toilet seat. What’s beneath? A bucket with a little peat moss in it—magic, organic material that eliminates odor and helps with the composting.

I admit I was skeptical at first, but days later there is no smell, nor are there flies (and we’ve had some warm days). This potty chair currently sits in a private spot in the woods. We cover the chair with a tarp, but otherwise it’s open to the elements.

Most of us have heard the euphemism “when nature calls,” but an outdoor bathroom brings a whole other level of meaning to that expression.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Toilet

  1. this reminds me of a guided river trip on the Dolores River in Colorado. The raft guides set up an ammo can with a toilet seat, and we conducted our business right next to the river and packed everything out. I remember watching two ducks play in the current, while sitting there, and contemplating how they used their webbed feet to maneuver much as I did my two-bladed kayak paddle.

    Thanks for liking my blog. Good luck with the cabin.


    • Thanks for the luck–we will need it! As convenient as modern plumbing is, there is something wonderful about going outside. I guess it is one activity in which we permit ourselves to just sit–and if there is something to observe, even better! Thanks for your comment.


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